Smeed (smeed) wrote,

Playlist for 10-12-08

The first set was more mellow IDM type stuff.

Scorn - Flap
Boards of Canada - Chinook
Proem - Hold You Like I Hold A Job
Dryft - Dubt2e
Beefcake - Close Your Mind
Gridlock - Distance
Lapsed - Twilight 7
Dryft - Mytotyc Exyt
Autechre - Dael

Second set

2nd Gen - Irony Is
Atari Teenage Riot - You Can't Hold Us Back (Instrumental)
Converter - I Died Today: Fisted
Mono No Aware - Sema (I totally meant to play a different track, but put the wrong CD in there. Ah well.)
Synapscape - Charity
Sonar - Alien Overdrive
Siechtum - Rapid Eye Movement
Gridlock - Sever
Pneumatic Detach - Putrescence
Winterkalte - Yes2Wind
Mimetic - Sdaa4
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