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The story of a poorly dressed, very lazy man about town

It's not much of a story, really

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I am Smeed. That is all.
16 volt, 29 died, 5f_55, ad noiseam, aghast view, alphaville, and one, ant-zen, antipop consortium, anything box, aphex twin, arzt+pfusch, asche, assemblage 23, autechre, autour de lucie, beans, beavis and butthead, beefcake, beer, big audio dynamite, boards of canada, cheese, clint mansell, clive barker, coil, coldplay, converter, crack monkeys, cranes, cut rate box, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dntel, doves, dryft, dulce liquido, echo and the bunnymen, eddie izzard, edward gorey, elliott smith, exile inside, faithless, family guy, father ted, feindflug, flesh field, funker vogt, gary numan, george carlin, god module, grandaddy, gridlock, halo, head explody, hefner, hobknob, hocico, homestarrunner, hooverphonic, hugh laurie, hymen records, icon of coil, imminent starvation, imperative reaction, invader zim, jacob's ladder, jarbled nonsense, joe strummer, john waters, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy electric, kevin smith, kicking people, kids in the hall, killing joke, king of the hill, kodo, lapsed, larvae, leaether strip, lo-fidelity all stars, machines of loving grace, madness, marc almond, massive attack, men without hats, mimetic, ministry, mlada fronta, mogwai, mojo, monkeys, mono no aware, mr. show, mr. toad, my life story, múm, needle sharing, new order, o2, ohgr, orbital, pink floyd, pop will eat itself, prick, proem, project pitchfork, public enemy, radiohead, red house painters, scorn, siechtum, sigur ros, sina, siouxsie and the banshees, smeedazakis regime, soft cell, somatic responses, sparklehorse, stanley kubrick, stars, stephen fry, stuff, suicide commando, synapscape, talking heads, tarmvred, the cars, the chameleons uk, the church, the clash, the kinks, the pixies, the postal service, the simpsons, the smiths, the specials, the state, the the, the vandals, the young gods, tool, velvet acid christ, venetian snares, vnv nation, wet hot american summer, winterkälte, wumpscut, xingu hill

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