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Lousy 800 numbers

So I got a call on my cell phone while at work that was from 800-913-6097. I didn't answer it, but looking it up online it seems to be some service that handles collect calls from people in prison. Either they dialed the wrong number or one of you bastards got locked up in the pokey.
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'twasn't I.
I dunno, you could be lying to me. Are you lying to me sir?
Yes. I mean no. Actually, I don't know the correct answer to this question.
The answer we were looking for was kajagoogoo.....kajagoogoo.
Nor I.
I think you might be lying as well. You and Bob were arrested together, huh?
we just wanted to hang out with Nissa
next time take my damn call
You stop getting arrested every other day and maybe I'll think about it!

Deleted comment

It most certainly is, as long as you don't get caught.
damnit, I was in there for several days!!!!!
Can't be helped sir, can't be helped!
lol can't say I didn't try to be convincing